• I’ve had my learners permit for about 2 years now and was very skeptical about finding the “right” driving instructor as they are a major influence in passing or failing your practical test. I was recommended to Greg and have not looked back since. He’s helped fine-tune my skills in difficult manoeuvres, helped raise my confidence whilst driving on the roads and dished out many, many reliable tips that make the whole experience that much more easier and effortless. Not only is he a dependable instructor, but the qualities he possesses as a person makes the lessons a lot more enjoyable, easy-going and of course comfortable. I recommend Greg 115% if you’re serious about passing your test & enjoy having a good-natured person next to you whilst you drive!

    -- Ade Jasmine Bambang --
  • I was referred to Greg from another instructor. I wanted to make sure I was ready for my first driving test,and Greg did an amazing job! He is a great teacher, it was enjoyable learning from him. My test instructor said I passed my test flawlessly! I couldn’t have had that result without the fine tuning Greg provided.

    -- Anna Baxter --
  • I was looking for a driving instructor that came recommended, was knowledgeable, competent, calm and flexible with his time. Greg easily ticked all the boxes. My Year 12 son enjoyed his lessons with Greg and comfortably passed his driving test first time! I am fortunate that we could make use of Greg’s skills and can confidently recommend his services.

    -- Elbie Holden --
  • Best driving instructor in the whole wide universe, ever. If you want to pass first time, give him a call!

    -- Amy Clunies-Ross --
  • Both my son and daughter loved their learning experience with Greg. He is calm but effective and relates very well to their level so the lessons are fun as well. I do recommend him highly.

    -- Alice Wong --
  • I had Greg as a driving instructor after being with a different school and found a dramatic improvement in my confidence on the road as well as my general ability. He was always punctual and when teaching was very positive. I passed on my first test with no trouble, and I highly recommend Greg wherever you are with your driving!
    -- Jana Harvey --
  • Greg is an approachable and friendly instructor. He guides you through learning how to drive in a practical and easy to understand manner. I changed instructors to Greg after having difficulty passing the practical driving assessment, and Greg was able to provide me with useful tips and thorough feedback which vastly improved my driving. His lessons were varied and covered a wide ranging of driving skills. I would highly recommend Greg!

    -- Chloe Gall --
  • Greg was our driving instructor for 2 of my children, my 3rd will soon be using him. My daughters thought he was a great instructor, every lesson they learnt something new from valuable driving tips to manoeuvres and in a very short time they became confident drivers. They enjoyed his lessons and company and he was always available when we needed him. The end result was exactly as we were hoping for, both girls passing their driving test the first go. I have no hesitation in recommending Greg.

    -- Roxanne Bowman --
  • Greg was such a good driving instructor and I highly recommend him for anyone learning to drive. He is punctual and calm, and assists in strengthening weaknesses. He helped me pass my driving test, and is overall such a great instructor.”

    -- Dhruvi Pindolia --
  • Greg was a great driving instructor, with excellent patience. After failing my practical assessment on numerous occasions – he managed to help me overcome my nerves and also narrowed down all the specific areas I was struggling with. I would highly recommend Greg to any driver – whether a new driver or someone who needs assistance in preparing for their practical assessment.”

    -- Eloise Cribb --
  • Greg was a brilliant and friendly driving instructor. He helped to improve my skills and made me confident on the road. I highly recommend him to anybody looking for a driving instructor.”

    -- Nida Laws --
  • Greg was an amazing driving instructor! His sense of humour and ability to brighten the mood and relieve the stresses of going for my second phase was essential to me passing! My driving improved so much after just 2 weeks of being with him and without him, it would have taken a lot longer to pass my test. I would (and do) recommend him to everyone and anyone looking for a driving instructor.”

    -- Stefan Versace --
  • Greg was a huge help, and a great instructor.

    After doing a few lessons months back and not gaining a big confidence behind the wheel i thought of getting a new instructor and it was definitely a good choice!

    After only 3 weeks and a good 10 double lessons i sat my Driving test and passed with no problems, and since then i have only gained more confidence, i couldn’t have done this without Greg, he is an excellent driving instructor and i only wish him the best for the future!

    He’ll work on your weaknesses and will make them your strengths, god i love parallel parking now 😉

    Thanks a lot Greg”

    -- Santiago R --
  • Excellent driving instructor – great with instructions, how to improve and general road awareness. Very easy to talk to and ask for further explanation. Passed on my test on the first go so he clearly prepares students well.”

    -- Alex Malone --
  • Greg was an excellent instructor, easy to talk with and patient whilst your drive. He helped to develop my driving skills, enabling me to pass my driving test easily. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for a quality instructor.”

    -- David Laws --
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