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  • More is the answer

    06 | 11 | 2015

    The importance of good practice cannot be underestimated.
    I can’t count the amount of students I’ve had over the years who tell me “I just drive, we never do any parking”. Why?? I can’t comprehend the fear of parking. You’re moving slowly so what could go wrong! You don’t have to go next to cars but you need to do it, that way it gets easier!! You also won’t spend every driving lesson you do trying to remember how to do it. It’ll also be vaguely beneficial when you come to do your test or even go to the shops!
    It’s not like you need to do 100 reverse parks – one or two should do the job, do a good one and that will do for the time being.
    The same goes for any of the manoeuvres, turning right at lights or anything you struggle with. Do it more.
    Driving is a doing thing, you won’t magically get better by thinking happy thoughts.
    So get out there and put in more hours, don’t just limp over the 25 hour mark and think you’re good to go. 25 hours is only the absolute minimum you have to do to be allowed to sit the PDA, it doesn’t mean you’re automatically awesome.
    So get out there and drive at every opportunity and don’t neglect things you don’t like doing.
    More is the answer.

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