• Joined Forces

    07 | 06 | 2016

    Drivercraft has now joined forces with Drivers Edge Driving School. Manual lessons are now available. We have two automatic instructors and two manual instructors. .

  • More is the answer

    06 | 11 | 2015

    The importance of good practice cannot be underestimated. I can’t count the amount of students I’ve had over the years who tell me “I just drive, we never do any parking”. Why?? I can’t comprehend the fear of parking. You’re moving slowly so what could go wrong! You don’t have to go next to cars but you need to do it, that way it gets .

  • Keys 2 Drive Free Lesson

    29 | 11 | 2014

    Register for your Keys 2 Drive Free Lesson now. .


    20 | 11 | 2014

    With the freedom of getting your drivers licence there comes great responsibility. The Office of Road Safety has some great information for both novice drivers and their parents. This is worth a read .

  • Choosing a Driving Instructor

    03 | 07 | 2014

    Have you noticed that there seems to be a lot more driving instructors around these days? I have. It seems like just about anyone with a licence is keen to give it a crack. You probably wouldn’t have been paying as much attention to the situation as me. I’ve been watching closely as it directly affects me. If you’re thinking of learning or you.

  • The Joy and Mystery of Parallel Parking

    05 | 12 | 2013

    Parallel parking has a bad reputation and an image problem among learner drivers and quite a few people who have their licence! You know the person that’ll drive 200m further down the road just so they don’t have to reverse parallel, the sheer horror. It doesn’t need to be like this. I love parallel parking it’s my favourite manoeuvre to tea.

  • How To Drive Safely In The Rain and Wet Weather Conditions

    13 | 08 | 2013

    When driving in rain or when the road is wet your ability to stop will be reduced. In these conditions you should double your stopping distance. The two-second rule* becomes the four-second rule. To compensate for this reduce your speed and increase the distance between you and any vehicle in front. Rain also contributes to a reduction in visibility.

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